Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hairy Moment

The grass has perked up after that drop of rain, and so have I.

That wind's a bit strong, though. I was just driving down to the shops, and opened the car window for a bit of the fresh stuff, and my beard blew up over my eyes. Nearly went into a bollard. That would have put the premiums up. Can you imagine the claim form? Doesn't bear thinking about.


At 9:13 pm, Blogger Lucy Mail said...

Isn't there some law against driving while beard-up?
Honestly, as an ex-peeler you ought to know better!

At 12:35 pm, Blogger The Angina Monologues said...

There's been a beard re-think since this episode. I've had it Bransoned.

At 11:42 pm, Blogger Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, I've heard he's worth a brazillion.

At 1:20 pm, Blogger Lucy Mail said...



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