Friday, February 09, 2007

Wasp Up Doc?

Not been blogging recently. Nothing's happened. Until this morning.

On the phone to my mate Bob (ex-CID) who now lives in Australia, he tells me he's been feeling a bit crook. It's his lungs. In our day it was mandatory to chuff back 60 Senior Service a day if you wanted to look the hard copper, and Bob's now paying the price. He's been coughing a lot, so they got him up the local hospital for a chest x-ray, fearing the worst.

Later he gets a call on his mobile. It's serious. Has he been walking in the bush, or out in the yard much? Well actually, yes. Why? Because the x-ray has shown up, as clear as day, a wasp on his right lung. Come to the hospital immediately for urgent investigation.

Driving over to there, he gets another call. It's the hospital again. Mrs Peters, who had an x-ray after Bob, also has a wasp on her right lung. They've got a wasp in their x-ray machine.

I've heard of kidney machines taking the piss, but that takes the biscuit.