Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

That's it pretty much over for another year then. Thank god. It takes its toll, I've got three funerals to attend next week. Is it any wonder arteries pop when all us old codgers survive for an entire year on consomme and cold veal, only to spend 48 hours stuffing in the turkey and mince pies like there's no tomorrow? It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I'm just thankful I don't live in a nursing home. If you ask me, they do it deliberately to make room for fresh blood at next year's rates.


At 10:09 am, Blogger Justin Brown said...

Out on my travels, the other day, I happened to find myself in an obscure little village called Mongeham, just outside Deal.
Whilst there, I came across a nursing home that had been erected right next to a cemetary.
Now there's logistical logic for you!
Knowing how stressful that moving home can be, particularly for the elderly, I thought that this idea showed a level of compassion that you don't normally find in these establishments.

Hats off, guys!

At 12:58 am, Blogger Eastcliff Richard said...

Why not just have extra large ovens and cremate two birds with one stove?

At 11:42 am, Blogger Lucy Mail said...

But I'm not convinced that 'one in the hand is worth two in the bush'.
Though you'd have to be a fella, perhaps, to answer that one?!


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